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Hey, there potential new member!

If you’ve found this letter, you have already made a great decision! As a social and professional sorority, Alpha Omega Epsilon provides a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else on campus. I truly believe our sorority exists to serve and develop our members so they can thrive here at Tech and afterwards.

I found A.O.E. because in the Fall of 2018, I lost my mom to cancer and found myself in a really dark place, isolated, and closed off from everything in my life. I was friends with one of the sisters in A.O.E., and she told me to come to recruitment. Although I didn’t think I would end up joining I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to meet some like-minded females so I promised her I would go. When I walked into the room on that first day of recruitment, the energy in the room was absolutely amazing. Every conversation was so easy, and I can’t even count how many times I was called “cool” that evening. It meant so much to me after the past six months I had had.

With A.O.E., I have accomplished so much more personally and professionally than I could have ever done by myself. The women of A.O.E. are so incredibly diverse and driven, and every one of my sisters inspires to make the most of my time here at Georgia Tech every day. I will forever be in debt to my now sister who made me come to recruitment that day! It goes to show that it never hurts to try something new, maybe it can be the best thing you’ve ever done.

With AΩE Love,

Lauren Barger (she/her)

Recruitment Chair and Membership Educator

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