Why alpha omega epsilon?



"I wanted to become more involved on campus and surround myself with an awesome group of gals!!"



"I wanted to find an organization of people who I feel comfortable being myself

around :)"



"I wanted a home away from home!"

"I started at Tech the summer of 2018 as a history major and had absolutely no intention of joining a sorority. I just didn't think it was for me since I already had made friends so I didn't even consider doing formal recruitment. However, during my fall semester, I had a bit of an existential crisis and decided to change my major to biomedical engineering. A big change, I know! At the same time, the friend group I was in was slowly falling apart and I felt very isolated. After an email from my advisor, I spontaneously decided to go to A.O.E.'s recruitment with no real intention of joining. I was shocked to find a group of girls that were very much like me. Intelligent, kind, weird in the best kind of way, and loyal through and through. I didn't know it at the time, but those girls were to become my closest friends at Tech. After joining, I know longer felt so lost in such a big school. Despite A.O.E. being much smaller than the other CPC sororities, I feel that its smaller size is to its benefit. I consider every single sister a close friend and can say I have had deep conversations with all of them. If you are looking for a group of friends to act as a support system plus an endless source of fun, look no further. Though Tech's curriculum can really kick your butt, my A.O.E. family is certainly the reason why I would never think of going anywhere else."



"I never felt like I had a community in high school, so I knew I wanted to find my own when I went to college. I briefly considering doing formal rush, but the process intimidated me. I knew I was still interested in the friendships that Greek life brings, so when I received an email advertising A.O.E. recruitment, it felt like fate. I fell in love with the sorority and everybody in it during my first day at recruitment. Each girl made an effort to talk to me, and because A.O.E. is smaller than most other CPC sororities, I felt like I made a real connection with each person and continue to do so to this day. I love A.O.E. because of that connection I feel with every single sister. I feel like my most authentic self with them, and they are some of the most supportive people I've met on campus."



“Once women find sisterhood, there’s nothing stronger.”

- zoe kravitz



"I went to a very small high school (graduating class of 50 students), so hearing what I believed all sororities were of houses 100-200 people strong, I was scared to even go through formal recruitment. It wasn't until I saw a professional organization advertised on the North Ave steps that I thought a sorority might be for me. I heard Alpha Omega Epsilon was a smaller and focused on professionalism, so I thought that might be closer to my high school experience and make my transistion a bit easier into college. The night applications were due, the treasurer stayed on the phone for 4 hours helping discuss my options within greek life and tech in general. They weren't committed to getting me to join, they were committed to seeing me have the best career and time at Tech I could. That's what got me started with Alpha Omega Epsilon. However, it wasn't until later I found the sisterhood and community to make me stay.

Time after time after time, sisters have dropped everything to help, support, and celebrate me. I didn't have a real large family coming into college and I moved over 20 times in my life, I didn't have any friends or extended family to support me. A.O.E. was always there. Any time I see any sister on campus, they go out of their way to say hi or ask how I am and if I need anything (literally any sister). They have given job advice and any time a current sister wasn't well versed in the subject, an alumnae was excited to jump in and help. They would sit and tutor me wherever or whenever I asked for help, they would listen to my bad days or give advice whenever I was down, or whenever I thought I wasn't good enough or didn't deserve to be at Tech, they told me I was worthy and Tech was lucky to have me. They have seen me at my worst and carried me to my best. I would not be where I am without these women and I can't imagine my life without these women."



Joining as a second year I was still looking for a tight knit community outside of the sports club I'm involved in. I went through about half of formal recruitment before withdrawing but that's ultimately what pushed me to check out A.O.E. I had mentioned to one of the recruitment counselors that I was interested in A.O.E. and she really encouraged me to go to recruitment. I really appreciated how the recruitment process is much more casual and open. There’s more time to talk to each sister and it’s easier to meet multiple people and get a real feel for the chapter. Everyone was so welcoming and excited to meet me, which really made up for me being nervous. It was raining so I was soaked when I got there but I clicked with the very first person who started talking to me and she was introducing me to all her friends and eventually that same girl became my big. By the time I left the first night I was so excited to come back and keep talking to the sisters. I think our recruitment process is very genuine. Having an application and mini interviews gives you more of a chance to share your thoughts and better mutually understand if the chapter is a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for the chapter. 

Part of me has always like the idea of a sorority—women supporting women, close friends, etc—but I usually wouldn’t be described as a stereotypical sorority girl, especially in the South. I do think the NPC chapters at Tech have a different feel from chapters at a lot of other schools, but they’re still pretty traditional compared to A.O.E. I do really enjoy the professional aspect. I think part of it is the sisters are more focused on academics and are very open about their classes and work experiences. We want to support each other and see each other succeed. Since we are social AND professional by design it keeps that at the forefront of our image and experiences. Having professional hours led by our own sisters and/or by professionals provides a lot of useful information that you might not have access to otherwise.

Literally everyone is so supportive and creative and genuinely caring. I’m always excited to see them. One of the hardest parts of working off campus spring semester was not seeing my sisters.