on behalf of the sisters and alumnae, welcome to the alpha omega epsilon sigma chapter!

Sisters, alumnae, and friends of Alpha Omega Epsilon,


My name is Lucie Rosenberg and I am incredibly honored and excited to serve as the 2020 Sigma Chapter President. It is amazing to see each member grow and exemplify the traits that make up the three pillars of Alpha Omega Epsilon– “Friendship,” “Leadership,” and “Professionalism.” The Sigma Chapter is a wonderful community filled with close-knit sisters build on support, laughter, and kindness as well as honesty, respect, and high standards. The bonds we form within the chapter through various sisterhood, philanthropic, and social events last long after our time in college. As president, my goal is to foster all forms of growth including professional and leadership skills for all our members. Each sister is given opportunities to serve as a leader within our chapter. Since joining, I have held an officer position every semester that I have been active and it has been immensely helpful to my development as a leader and woman in the STEM field. Each sister of this chapter works so hard to help keep the chapter running smoothly, and I could not be more thankful to have them by my side. As a community of emerging scientists, engineers, and tech minded women, professionalism is an integral part of our lives. We are constantly finding new ways to support our sisters in both their academic and professional lives. With the guidance of alumnae and experienced active sisters, all of our sisters are immersed in an environment filled with resources and support to thrive in all facets of life. Alpha Omega Epsilon has been in my life for only a short year of my time at Georgia Tech but I have already gained so much from this chapter and am ready to give all that I can back to it. I am so proud to call myself a sister and leader of this organization! I invite you to learn more about our sisterhood through this website, and feel free to reach out to myself, or any other member, with questions you may have. I’m already looking forward to meeting you!



Lucie Isabelle Rosenberg

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