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A Letter  From Our President

Sisters, alumni, and friends of Alpha Omega Epsilon, 


My name is Lily, and I have the honor and pleasure of serving as the 2023 President of the Sigma Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon at Georgia Tech.

I joined Alpha Omega Epsilon as a second year student, searching for genuine connections that would last for years and stay consistent. After the first night of recruitment, I already felt right at home and I knew that the members of AΩE would become my chosen family. 


Members of AΩE are more than just fellow students at Georgia Tech. My sisters are my friends, classmates, tutors, professional advisors, hype squad, and more. So many in AΩE celebrate my successes! They’re also there to help me through stressful times, and console me after hardships hit. I believe that it’s so important in life to have your people–your people who support you through it all.

As president, I’m proud to uphold our three pillars of friendship, leadership, and professionalism. Serving the Sigma chapter and the community is incredibly rewarding and I feel even closer to the sorority through this position.

To all of our visitors and new friends, I welcome you to explore our website and learn more about what makes AΩE so special. Check out our recruitment page for more information about our fall recruitment and follow us on our instagram @gtaoe to stay connected! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!


Lily Szczesniak

Lily Szczesniak (she/her)


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Come join us and learn more about Alpha Omega Epsilon! September 5th - 7th 

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We are a smaller chapter averaging 50 active members which creates a tight-knit community of sisters. 

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Meet our executive board + officer team, as well as what our sisters are involved in on campus!

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A.O.E. is a social & professional sisterhood. See what sisters are up to and their current internships and co-ops!

"Finding a support system in college can be really hard. There are so many things to do in order to be a well rounded student that it can be dizzying. With AΩE there’s a support system of sister ready to help along the way. Writing resumes or finding jobs can be really hard, but the workshops that are set up make it easier. When one of us is struggling, all they have to do is say it and there is a small army of girls ready to help her through it."

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