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Why Alpha Omega Epsilon?


I went through my first-year completely virtually and developed friendships, but I did not feel like I fit in on campus once things shifted to a more in-person experience my second year. I felt like an outsider on my own campus. I heard about A.O.E. from some friends and my roommate and was told to come to just one night of recruitment to get the vibe. I instantly felt at home - I've never been able to be myself 100% of the time without fearing some backlash, but A.O.E. made me feel comfortable. I talked with so many people and instantly fell in love with the energy of the chapter and the love we all shared for STEM. Going into my first active semester, I'm still loving every minute!


At first the word "sisterhood" terrified me- it reminded me of "cultish" greek culture. However, I set aside my preconceived notions and decided to join A.O.E. because I wanted to befriend more people who were as passionate about their field of study as I was. Throughout my experience in A.O.E, the word "sisterhood" has transformed to embody values of trust and encouragement. I have made friends with people from all sorts of different backgrounds and perspectives, deepening my commitment to serve underrepresented minorities interested in male-dominated fields of work. My favorite part of A.O.E. is that despite our commitment to being a professional sorority, we still have fun mixers, date nights, or sisterhood events where I can meet more people and hang out with some of my closest friends


I chose to join A.O.E. because I wanted to be around other women with interests and values similar to mine! The professional aspect of the sorority drew me in as well. I’m so glad I decided to join because I truly love the close-knit atmosphere that A.O.E provides. I know that I can rely on any person in the sorority. Plus, all the ladies are so sweet and fun to be around!


Second semester I was struggling to make strong connections that lasted longer than the duration of the semester and I was searching for a place where I can grow and make a lasting difference. So far my time in A.O.E. has allowed me to gain valuable leadership skills as PR chair and webmaster while being surrounded by inspiring women. My sisters are unique, genuine, creative, and will always be there to answer any question or give their support. I love the creative outlet, friendships, and inspiration this sorority has given me.


I love how in A.O.E. you can meet all kinds of people. I always have so much to learn from sisters whether it is how passionate they can be, or how they always care about people around them. They always give me motivation to become a better person!


I joined A.O.E back in Fall 2019 going into my second year at another university. I had a really rough first year of college mentally, and I found myself in a really dark place craving this sense of home that I lost long ago. I joined right before the pandemic started, but then I was hit with a situation where I had to transfer schools. When I came here, I was immediately welcomed in with open arms and they made my transition so easy. When I met everyone for the first time, the energy was absolutely amazing and I immediately knew I had to stay. It was the first time in years that I felt that I could be myself again and felt truly at home.
I have accomplished so much more personally and professionally than I could have ever done by myself. The women of A.O.E are so incredibly diverse and driven, and every one of my sisters inspires me to make the most of my time here at Georgia Tech every day.


I joined A.O.E. in the spring semester of my freshman year because I was looking for a group of like-minded women who I could be myself around, relate to, and unwind from the stresses of school with. I found myself feeling somewhat isolated from others during my first semester at Tech because of how much time I spent working, so joining A.O.E. was one of the best decisions I could've made. It has given me blocked out social time where I get to spend time with amazing, passionate, and uplifting women, and has helped me take a step back from academic stresses. Everyone is so friendly and inclusive, and I'm so lucky to be part of such a wonderful organization with the best atmosphere.


I transferred to GT in Spring 2021 and realized I had no friends outside of my high school friends. My roommate at the time was doing recruitment virtually and mentioned it to me so I tagged along for fun one of the days. I was immediately pulled in because everyone was so nice and welcoming and answered all my questions and concerns so well. After joining the sorority, the welcoming nature has never dimmed, and I know that I can come to practically every single sister with my troubles or problems and everyone would be willing to help. That support system is one of the biggest aspects of sisterhood that I value the most, and I try to be there for everyone who needs that extra help. I have become a better listener due to my time as a sister and as an exec member, so my growth in A.O.E. has taught me things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


A.O.E. to me means acceptance. I never thought of myself as someone who would join a sorority but coming to college as an out of state student I knew I needed a support system and a friend group. A.O.E. gave me that and also so much more. Every single member made me feel included and valued from the very first day of recruitment. They don't just accept my differences but celebrate them. The women in A.O.E. have become family and I know I can depend on them for anything.


I chose A.O.E. to find a group of hard-working women who I could count on to always be there for me. Not only is there a community of active members who I see often, but there is also a large web of alumni who have all their wisdom to offer. We love watching each other flourish professionally, academically, and especially mentally. Joining A.O.E. is one of the best choices I have made at Tech, and everyone I have met through it has immensely improved my college experience. 

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