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About Alpha Omega Epsilon

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Alpha Omega Epsilon was founded on November 13, 1983 at Marquette University with 27 charter members, all of whom were engineering students. Many of the charter members had been unofficial 'little sisters' of members at brother fraternities Triangle and Sigma Phi Delta and came together, deciding that there was a need for a sorority for women in engineering. The organization was officially recognized four months later, and the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon initiated its first candidate class in Fall 1984.

In 1990, a national executive board was created by 4 founding members to govern the expansion and business of the growing organization, which had expanded at that time to include 2 chapters and several colonies and interest groups. As the national constitution and bylaws were drafted, the sorority decided to increase the scope of its membership to include members of not only engineering fields but the technical sciences as well. In 1992, Alpha Omega Epsilon joined the Professional Fraternity Association, which also serves members of fraternities such as Alpha Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma, business and band fraternities, respectively, that are also present at Georgia Tech.

When the national constitution and bylaws were ratified at the annual convention in 1993, there was a consensus to make Alpha Omega Epsilon a social organization in addition to its identity as a professional society for women in engineering and technical science. In 1996, a national foundation was established to serve the larger community and to assist the sorority in its endeavors. The Alpha Omega Epsilon Foundation serves others through academic programs, leadership and career development programs, and in volunteer services. Members of the sorority and their family members are eligible to apply for the Rings of Excellence Scholarships that the AΩE Foundation awards annually. Alpha Omega Epsilon expanded to become an international organization in 1998 when the Eta Chapter at University of British Columbia, Vancouver was installed.

The Sigma Chapter at Georgia Institute of Technology was installed on February 4, 2006. It was founded by the following charter members and has grown to include more than 30 active members at any time: Joanne Antoine (ChBE), Dionne Gilmore (ME, PHYS), Brooke Mullis (ChBE), Amanda Avery (PTFE), Meghan Gilroy (BME), Camille Sauer (AE), Carlin Bright (AE), Christen Jackson (BME), Aida Sefic (ME), Christine Clayton (ME), Chanchala Kaddi (BME), Tracy Shandor (CE), Hilary Coor (ME), Mary Lim (CE), Stephanie Sigers (ME), Melanie Deal (CE), Amanda Lovingood (EE), Jessica Smith (EE, AE), Kristen Dudley (ISyE), Kirsten Lundstrom (ME), Megan Springman (BME), Christine Erdy (ChBE), Erica Manley (EE), Corresha Thomas (ME), Mary Jane Fairbairn (ISyE), Parry Memarzadeh (BME), Miyu Toyoshima (BME), Julianne Flowers (ME), Kelly Michaud (ME), Brittany White (CE).


Friendship, Leadership, Professionalism.

Friendship lies at the heart of every activity that Alpha Omega Epsilon members participate in. We aspire to be leaders in our fields and provide additional leadership opportunities for our members. Professionalism is also an integral part of our organization; we are dedicated to educating the community at large on engineering and technical science opportunities and for the advancement of women in these fields.


As it is outlined in our chapter constitution, we exist to serve the campus in the following capacities:

1. Promote females in engineering and the technical sciences through professional development events.
2. Help further the advancement of female engineers and technical scientists at Georgia Tech by providing support groups, academic advisement, and opportunities for developing lifelong bonds of friendship.
3. Enlighten female engineers and technical scientists to the career opportunities available to them.
4. Strengthen the relationship between students and faculty.
5. Help develop the highest standards of personal integrity and character.


Our colors are royal blue, silver, and white.

The jewels of Alpha Omega Epsilon are blue sapphire, pearl, and diamond. 

Our mascot is the dolphin. Dolphins are extremely intelligent and gregarious creatures, not unlike Alpha Omega Epsilon sisters.

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