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Getting Started


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  3. Learn more about the recruitment process here

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Getting Started

We are so happy that you are interested in going greek!

Alpha Omega Epsilon is an associate chapter that is a part of Georgia Tech's CPC community. We are a smaller chapter averaging around 50 active sisters which allows us to have a tight-knit community of women passionate about STEM, but all majors and all year levels are welcome to recruitment.

Fill out AΩE’s interest form here! A sister will reach out to you and give you some more information and answer any questions you may have! Feel free to reach out to AΩE’s Recruitment Chair, Nina Kesava, at You can also browse our instagram!

Read on to learn more about what makes A.O.E. unique! 


Letter From Our Membership Educator 

Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 2.18_edited.png

Hey there, potential new member!


Thank you so much for stopping by our website. Finding this letter and getting this far means you’ve already taken the first step in making your time at Georgia Tech all the more fulfilling. Alpha Omega Epsilon is an associate sorority in the Collegiate Panhellenic Council (CPC) community that is both professional and social. You really won’t find an experience like AΩE’s anywhere else!


Our chapter has given its members their closest friends who we call sisters. These connections are lifelong, and these friendships allow us to thrive in both our social lives, as well as in our professional endeavors. The network that AΩE has established is one of accomplished, ambitious, and supportive people in STEM.


On a personal level, I joined AΩE in my first semester here at Georgia Tech as an out of state student. My perception of Greek life was not a positive one, but I took a leap of faith on AΩE because of the professional aspect, and I am now proud and happy to say that it is the best decision I have ever made. Being away from home for the first time can oftentimes lead to loneliness, and I definitely felt the effects of that in my freshman year. I attribute every bit of my being here today and making it through tough times to the members of AΩE who, no matter what, cheered me on, were always there to lean on, and would bend over backwards to make sure I was doing okay. The feeling of having a family on campus is truly special, and I am grateful every day for AΩE giving that to me. I cannot imagine a life at Georgia Tech without each and every single one of my sisters.


I truly hope you consider joining our sisterhood. Every single one of our members are uniquely impressive, accomplished, kind, and bold. We as a chapter promote and celebrate our diversity, and constantly strive to create the most inclusive environment possible to help gender minorities in STEM thrive. I took a leap of faith on AΩE almost two years ago, and that leap has led me to heights I could never have imagined, and could never have done alone. I truly feel like this sorority has given me the opportunity to be my best self and is constantly pushing me to be more authentic, more happy, and more myself. 


I invite you to be part of something greater, and contribute your talents to our sisterhood. As an AΩE, you could live up to your greatest potential, and push people to do the same. Being at Georgia Tech is no minor thing, so trust yourself, and take the same leap I took. It could be the best thing you ever decided to do for yourself. Sending you AΩE love!


Yours In Friendship, Leadership, and Professionalism, 

Sara Amer

she/her | Membership Educator

Recruitment FAQs

Do I have to attend all recruitment events?

We highly recommend coming to as many nights as you can, as attendance throughout the recruitment process will be taken into consideration. You must attend one information night and are free to attend as many recruitment week events as you can - we love to see interest in the sorority! However, if any conflicts arise, please contact the Director of Recruitment at

Are the outfit suggestions for each night required?

No, but they are highly encouraged. We know that certain themes (such as Professional Night) can be intimidating, but do not fret! Come in whatever you have access to. We like to add the outfit themes to make the nights fun, not to discourage one to come.

Does it cost money to go through AΩE’s Recruitment?

We have no application fees for our recruitment process. Though, if you were to get extended a bid and accept, you will have to pay our dues each semester. More information will be released during our Recruitment Events!

Do I have to be an incoming first year student to participate?

No you do not! Your year doesn’t impact your likelihood of getting a bid. Though, ideally we would like for you to have a few semesters available left in your time at Georgia Tech. If this is a concern for you please just reach out to our Director of Recruitment at so we can clear everything up!

If I participated in formal recruitment, can I still participate in AΩE’s Associate Recruitment?

Yes, as long as you were never initiated into any other sorority. For more information, contact our president at

So, what does being in AΩE actually look like?

Being in a sorority is a new experience, and we want to be completely transparent about what it looks like to be in A.O.E. specifically. We've outlined what the A.O.E. experience looks like in this document!

If you have any more questions or concerns, please email

"Finding a support system in college can be really hard. There are so many things to do in order to be a well rounded student that it can be dizzying. With AOE there’s a support system of sister ready to help along the way. Writing resumes or finding jobs can be really hard, but the workshops that are set up make it easier. When one of us is struggling, all they have to do is say it and there is a small army of girls ready to help her through it."

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