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All recruitment nights will be held on Zoom/BlueJeans at a link coming soon due to the pandemic. We know this is new and may be slightly unconventional but nevertheless our sisters care about your health and safety and are even more excited to get to know you! If you have any concerns, please reach out to us!

PNM Interest Form Here.

Recruitment Schedule:

August 24th-27th; Specific time: TBD

What does "Social and Professional" sorority mean?
Alpha Omega Epsilon is a mix of both worlds as we like to call it. We offer the benefits of professional organizations such as resume workshops, etiquette dinners, alumni networking, etc., while still remaining a sisterhood that hosts events such as mixers with greek organizations, date nights, formals, holiday parties, etc.

What does the time commitment look like?
Your first semester, referred to as your "candidate semester", requires meetings two times a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) which typically last 1-2 hours. Candidate requirements also include about 2-3 hours outside of those meetings. During your active semesters (semesters following candidate semesters), there is a required meeting every Wednesday which lasts 1-2 hours and semesterly hour requirements: 9 hours of philanthropy, 6 hours of professional events, and 3 hours of fundraising. This averages out to 3 hours per week throughout the semester. Realistically, sisters love spending time together whether just hanging out, study sessions, or going to events together, so the time commitment depends on how much you want to spend with our sisters.

What are the financial obligations?
During a candidate semester, dues are $400 paid in 4 installments. During Active semesters, dues are $350 paid at once or in multiple steps through a payment plan arranged with our treasurer. Throughout semesters we also sell various merchandise and host events which occasionally have a cost associated with them, but they are optional.

How is Alpha Omega Epsilon different from other sororities?
A.O.E. is still a part of the CPC community, but we are not an NPC chapter. That means our recruitment is not as formatted, our requirements are different, and our focus is not solely on social development. Our chapter integrates professional development into our organization and we actively look for women who are passionate about STEM as a requirement for joining. We are also a smaller chapter than NPC chapters, as we average 20-40 active sisters on campus while most NPC chapters average 190 active sisters. Our sisters know every member in the chapter, creating a tight-knit community.

Does Alpha Omega Epsilon have a house?
No, as an organization we do not have houses on college campuses because it increases insurance premiums and causes dues to skyrocket. However, the chapter at Georgia Tech has a housing block, meaning that we are all roommates in the same floor and building in campus housing. That is paid the same as regular on campus housing, and is entirely optional. If you wouldd like to know more you can reach out to our Vice President.

Do I have to go to every day or recruitment?
No, only the 4th day of recruitment (Thursday) is mandatory. However if you are seriously considering joining the organization, we urge you to attend all days, or let the membership educator know if you have to miss a day. We take attendance into consideration when giving out bids, but it is not a deciding factor.

Should you have any questions or concerns, email the membership educator at

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